Turnkey Interior Designing

When we offer a “turnkey” project, it really means that what all you have to do is to just turn the key. Everything is set, everything is completed and finished to perfection – you are ready to go. This will be an end-to end solution for your needs. Right from designing the interiors, through execution, upto the turn-key, we deliver the best.
  • Meeting with the client
  • Discussing requirements and understanding the project
  • Visiting the site with the client
  • Preparing budget and working out a systemetic plan of execution
  • Interior design
  • 3D imaging of the designs

  • Discussion and approval
  • Planning and budgeting
  • Costing and procurement
  • Execution
  • Completion and hading over the project

Modular Kitchen and Kitchen Interiors

Modular kitchens are smart kitchens for smart people. These kitchens have enormously changed the conventional appearances of kitchens. The added storage facilities, effective space management, aesthetic aspects and cost advantages have made modular kitchens an integral part of any modern home. Installing a modular kitchen changes your cooking space into a trendy area and makes food making more convenient.

Wardrobes also help in utilizing the space effectively. They should meet your storage requirements as well as the style and elegance factors.

We offers you a wide range of modular kitchens and wardrobes that suit your space and budget in different styles and budgets. We take into account a number of factors before setting up a modular kitchen and wardrobe like:

  • Space and Position planning to save space
  • Size of your proposed kitchen
  • Finest quality materials at affordable prices
  • arrangement of lighting in a way that does not obstruct your work
  • Easiness to clean and maintain
  • Depth and height
  • Color schemes and styles

Interior Planning and Budgeting Services

  • Space Planning and Calculation

    The actual and effective space for interiors is calculated first. This is important because the size and positioning of your furniture, kitchen, home appliances and other accessories depend largely on this. If the ratios are not good, your breathing space will be affected.

  • Budget Estimates

    Now we move on to the size of your budget and allocate all resources according to it. When we apply budgeting and space planning together, any cost can be reduced to fit your budget. This is done by clever choice of purchase.

  • Designing and 3-D imaging

    Each nuke and corner are perfectly sketched and drawn. A perfect drawing prior to the commencement of the work will largely reduce the costs. Any corrections or modifications can be done at this stage.

  • Costing and Procurement

    With the big experience, knowledge about products and technology and contacts in the market, we are able to find the best materials at the best rates.

  • Administration and Execution

    Our well trained staff controls the total project and final quality with clinical perfection. They visit the work sites regularly to monitor work. This helps us to foresee the possible problems on the way ahead and avoid them early.

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